Perceptive Solutions Inc

Streamlining Grant Application

Client: Angel Foundation


Angel Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial and emotional support to individuals and families affected by cancer. One of their critical services is offering grants to help cancer patients with medical expenses, household expenses, and other related costs.

They are located in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. The organization’s website is


The existing grant application process was inefficient and time-consuming, leading to delays in aid distribution. Angel Foundation sought a solution to streamline their grant application process and improve the overall experience for both applicants and staff.



To address the challenges faced by Angel Foundation, we proposed implementing a digital solution that would allow cancer patients to submit their grant applications easily. Our solution involved creating a web-based application form that seamlessly integrated with a  Microsoft Dynamics CRM database called Dataverse. The solution aimed to simplify the application process, ensure accurate data collection, and enable efficient management of grant applications.

Needs Assessment:

We began by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment in collaboration with Angel Foundation. This involved understanding the existing grant application process, pain points, and specific requirements. We also identified the necessary data fields to be collected from the applicants.

Application Development:

Based on the needs assessment, we designed and developed a user-friendly web-based grant application form. The form was optimized for accessibility and ease of use. It included sections to capture essential information such as patient details, medical history, treatment plans, and financial information.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Dataverse):

To streamline data management, we integrated the grant application form with the organization’s existing Dynamics CRM database, specifically using Dataverse. This integration allowed for seamless data transfer, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Applicants’ information was securely stored in the database, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

Automated Workflows and Notifications:

To enhance efficiency, we implemented automated workflows within the system. These workflows triggered notifications to the relevant staff members upon the submission of a new grant application, ensuring prompt review and processing. Additionally, automated status updates were sent to applicants, keeping them informed about the progress of their applications.



The implementation of the streamlined grant application process yielded several significant benefits for Angel Foundation:

Improved Efficiency: 

The digital solution eliminated manual data entry, reducing administrative overhead, and minimizing errors. The streamlined process enabled staff members to review and process applications more efficiently.

Enhanced Applicant Experience: 

The user-friendly application form made it easier for cancer patients to apply for grants. The automated notifications kept them informed about the progress of their applications, enhancing transparency, and reducing anxiety.

Data Integrity and Security: 

Integration with Dynamics CRM (Dataverse) ensured accurate and secure storage of applicant data. This helped maintain data integrity, privacy, and compliance with relevant regulations.


By implementing a streamlined grant application process integrated with Dynamics CRM (Dataverse), Angel Foundation significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their aid distribution process. The digital solution simplified the application process for cancer patients, reduced administrative burden, and ensured accurate data collection. Overall, the solution enhanced the applicant experience, increased operational efficiency, and supported data-driven decision-making for the organization.