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Providing Employee Collaboration


The client, an organization established in 1971 with a mission to provide affordable housing options for all, faced challenges in managing their intranet site for their properties. These challenges led them to seek a solution, and they decided to implement SharePoint. This case study outlines the implementation process and the benefits achieved through the use of SharePoint.


The client encountered difficulties in effectively managing their intranet site for their properties. They struggled to showcase news, announcements, and events, organize documents department-wise, manage permissions for public and private documents, and display organizational chart information in a centralized manner. Additionally, they needed efficient data storage and email workflows for their Helpdesk and employee details. 


To address the client’s challenges, we created an intranet site using SharePoint. The site provided a dedicated space to display news, announcements, and events, as well as a centralized repository for storing documents organized by department. Permissions were set up to control access to public and private documents and links. An org chart feature was implemented to display organizational information on a single page. We developed forms for New Participant Data, New Participant Entry, and New Site Entry, enabling data storage in SharePoint lists. Email flows were created to notify the Helpdesk of relevant information. Furthermore, a background flow was established to extract employee details from Office 365, excluding disabled, guest, room, and unlicensed users. 

Board Site Changes:  
A separate Board Site was created using SharePoint and integrated with the client’s intranet and the main hub site. Distinct Office 365 groups were formed for the Board Site permissions, and members were assigned accordingly. These groups were then linked to the appropriate document libraries on the Board Site, simplifying permission management and facilitating access from the relevant departments. 


Implementing SharePoint provided several benefits for the client: 

Improved Intranet Management:  
SharePoint streamlined intranet site management, making it easier to display news, announcements, events, and organizational information. 

Centralized Document Storage:  
The department-wise document organization allowed for easy storage, retrieval, and collaboration. 

Enhanced Permissions Control:  
The implementation of permissions for public and private documents ensured secure access to sensitive information. 

Efficient Data Capture and Workflows:  
The customized forms and email flows facilitated data capture and streamlined processes for the Helpdesk. 

Board Site Integration:  
The integration of the Board site with the main hub site enhanced collaboration and document management for the board members. 


By implementing SharePoint, the client successfully addressed their intranet management challenges. The platform provided them with an efficient solution for displaying news, organizing documents, managing permissions, and streamlining workflows. The integration of the Board site further enhanced collaboration and document management for the board members. SharePoint proved to be an effective tool in centralizing information, improving efficiency, and promoting seamless communication within the organization.