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Our client, a leading real estate management company, relies on the Yardi and ETO systems to streamline their financial and operational processes. They had established dedicated databases, using Yardi and ETO, which contained selected and transformed tables from their production database. These databases were utilized for SSRS reporting purposes. However, the lack of scheduled processes to refresh these databases resulted in outdated data being presented in their SSRS reports. Additionally, the client faced challenges with the Yardi to ETO data import process and also required help in finding the data from the ETO system.


Outdated Reporting Data:  
The absence of scheduled processes led to the Yardi and ETO databases not reflecting up-to-date data. As a consequence, the SSRS reports generated from these databases displayed stale information. 

Yardi to ETO Data Import:  
The client encountered issues during the Yardi to ETO data import process, which caused delays and inaccuracies in data availability. 

ETO Reporting:  
The client sought assistance in finding the required data from the ETO reports in the ETO system. 


To address the client‘s challenges, our team implemented the following solutions: 

Automated Database Refresh Process 
Database Review:  
We thoroughly examined the stored procedures responsible for updating the Yardi and ETO databases. 

Scheduled Processes: 
Based on our analysis, we established automated schedule processes to update the Yardi and ETO databases at regular intervals. This ensured that the databases remained synchronized with the production data, enabling up-to-date reporting. 

Yardi to ETO Data Import Process Fix 
Process Analysis:  
Our team investigated the Yardi to ETO data import process and identified the root causes of the issues faced by the client. 

Issue Resolution:  
Leveraging our expertise, we addressed the identified problems and optimized the data import process. This resulted in a streamlined and reliable data flow from the Yardi system to the ETO system. 

ETO Reporting: 
We collaborated with the client to understand ETO reporting environment. Then assisted them in obtaining the required data directly from the ETO system. 


The implementation yielded several significant benefits for client:

Updated Reporting Data:  
The automated database refresh processes ensured that the Yardi and ETO databases were consistently updated with the latest data, allowing for accurate and real-time reporting. 

Improved Data Integration:  
By resolving issues in the Yardi to ETO data import process, data inconsistencies and delays were eliminated, resulting in reliable and seamless data integration. 


Through the implementation of automated database refresh processes, resolution of Yardi to ETO data import issues,  
The solutions provided enhanced their ability to make informed decisions, contributing to improved business performance and growth.