Perceptive Solutions Inc

Enhancing Production Efficiency

Client: Metal-Matic Inc.


Metal-Matic, Inc., a leading metal fabrication company that produces precision tubes, faced a significant challenge when they urgently needed to update their software systems to meet changing business needs. To address this issue and expand the functionalities of their custom software, Metal-Matic sought the assistance of Perceptive Solutions. Working closely with Metal-Matic’s internal IT team, Perceptive Solutions quickly stepped in to develop and enhance the software used on the production floor.

The goal was to optimize production processes and provide role-based access to ensure efficiency and security.

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Metal-Matic’s main challenge was the reliance on manual processes on the production floor, which affected their efficiency and production output. This situation hindered their ability to adapt to changing production requirements and optimize their operations. Additionally, the lack of role-based access to the software posed security risks and reduced staff productivity.



Perceptive Solutions collaborated closely with Metal-Matic’s internal team to address their software development needs. They worked on expanding the capabilities of the existing production-floor software, which has now became a robust solution relied upon by Metal-Matic’s three shop floors for every production order. The solution was built on the foundation of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .Net and C#, Microsoft Dynamics AX integration, Machine data integration from the shop floor, and legacy software systems. The key solution features included:

Role-Based Access:

Role-based access control, ensures that each user could only access the information and functionalities relevant to their specific role within the organization. This optimizes staff productivity and minimizes security threats.

Enhanced Scheduling:

The scheduling section became one of its most widely used features. It allowed shop floor users to refer to real-time scheduling information that dictated work orders. The scheduler software evaluated future orders, promised dates, available inventory, and other factors to suggest an optimized daily production schedule. This functionality minimized downtime, prioritized customer delivery dates, and optimized production based on factors such as labor and inventory.

Real-Time Machine Throughput Tracking:

Incorporated real-time tracking of the total throughput of the shop floor machines. This data could be used for making informed real-time decisions on order production and also for historical reporting. Analyzing the historical data enabled the shop floor to identify areas for improvement and increase overall efficiency.

Roll Master Suite:

Introduced the Roll Master Suite, specifically designed to track the usage, wear, and tear of rollers used in metal rolling processes. The software monitored the wear patterns of rollers based on different spinning speeds and pressure variations, allowing for timely replacement or retooling to maintain precise tube manufacturing.


The collaboration between Metal Matic, Inc. and Perceptive Solutions resulted in significant improvements in production efficiency and operational effectiveness. The implementation of software yielded the following outcomes:

Enhanced Productivity:

Role-based access control ensured that staff members had access to the specific information and functionalities required for their roles, reducing distractions and improving overall productivity.

Optimized Scheduling:

The advanced scheduling functionality minimized changeovers and optimized production based on inventory and labor constraints. This resulted in reduced downtime, improved customer delivery dates, and efficient utilization of resources.

Real-Time Data Insights:

The real-time machine throughput tracking capability provided actionable insights for making informed decisions on order production. Historical data analysis further helped the shop floor identify areas for improvement and increase overall efficiency.

Precise Tube Manufacturing:

The Roll Master Suite effectively tracked the usage and wear of rollers, allowing for timely replacement or retooling. This precision in monitoring ensured high-quality tube manufacturing and reduced downtime associated with roller maintenance.


Overall, Metal-Matic, Inc. witnessed a transformation in their operations with the adoption of this software. Perceptive Solutions’ expertise and collaboration helped Metal-Matic overcome the challenges related to production efficiency and software reliability, and resulted in a highly efficient organization with multiple shop floors.