Software Strategy Consulting

Software Strategy Consulting

It all starts with a solid IT strategy. Sometimes we need to take a step away from the day-to-day support requests and look at the bigger picture. We have worked with over a 100 organizations to know what a good, bad or ugly IT strategy. Our senior consultants have lived in the trenches as CIOs, software architects and IT managers. We can help build your software strategy for growth, stability, and cost-efficiency. Build process maps and identify opportunity areas for process optimization. Evaluate software products for Build Vs Buy or Cloud Vs On-premise. We help software companies to make the right move in the growing IT trends.

Develop your software roadmap for the next 5+ years

Good things take time and a solid IT strategy has to withstand the test of time. Any IT strategy that doesn’t provide direction for a minimum of 5 years, is no strategy at all. We can assist you build your software strategy, here how:

1. Document the current state. Take inventory of all software components, versions, interoperability and connections and document what’s working or not.
2. Create a visual of the current state. Find gaps in process automation and identify opportunity areas
3. Recommend changes to the current state. Create a visual for the future state. Recommend changes to the current software strategy to make it more aligned with future business needs

The eternal question – Buy or Build the software?

Making software choice decisions can be very daunting. Here are some of the common dilemmas IT leader find themselves in:
1. Should I buy an off-the-shelf product, or should I develop my own?
2. Should I run the software on-premise, or in the Cloud?
3. Should I buy best-of-breed software and integrate them, or should I buy a single ERP to run my entire business?

These questions often don’t have a simple answer, and we can help you navigate the market by giving you unbiased and objective advice.

Tools used during a software strategy consulting engagement

• System health checks
• Business process flow diagrams
• Business requirements documents
• Software architecture diagrams
• Software ROI analysis
• Technology implementation plan


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