Software Integration

Software Integration

Software integration is the process of bringing multiple products to function as a single unified software system. Using APIs, Web Services and automated data sync, an integrated system helps your organization obtain a unified view of the business to achieve sales and operational efficiency.

CRM integration

It today’s hyper-competitive market it’s imperative that every organization make their business customer centered. Which means that customer data needs to drive all the decision making in the organization, and therefore it’s necessary to integrate the customer relationship management system (CRM) with other systems. We work with may CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, ConnectWise, TigerPaw to name a few.

IoT integration

Would you to see equipment connected to your IT infrastructure? Organizations are connecting machines, displays, sensors, vehicles, inventory, scanners etc. to share real-time data for better operational efficiency. Contact us to discuss your needs.

ERP integration

Most large organizations augment their core system with other best of breed software, which don’t always integrate easily with each other. We specialize in integrating ERP systems with other systems. We have worked with popular ERPs such as SAP, Epicor, JD Edwards, Dynamics AX, TMW, E-Automate etc.


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