Simplifying ticketing process


Solution summary: This case-study provides an overview of a custom software which we built for a technology integration company headquartered in Golden Triangle Drive Eden Prairie, MN. Our client implements reliable technology systems and infrastructure to support and improve daily business. The custom software is used by support employees to automatically generate support tickets.


  • Company: MASTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP, Eden Prairie, MN
  • Industry: Technology systems and infrastructure support
  • Challenge: On site manual generation of support tickets using TigerPaw desktop application and other software’s
  • Solution: The custom-built app can authenticate with their O365 account. The ticket generation is now simplified using TigerPaw’s REST API. All support documents uploaded for a ticket are stored in SharePoint tickets folder through this app. Users can now create tickets from anywhere. The app is mobile responsive as well.

Customer Website

Labor Resources ticket generation

User can open a ticket based on type of request and category of request.

Design process ticket generation

For a design request, user can submit documents which represent work. These documents are stored in SharePoint folder with Service order name.

Keywords: Ticketing system, .NET MVC Application Framework, TigerPaw Server, Microsoft Graph API, Azure Active Directory, C#