Providing emergency financial assistance to patients in need

Solution Summary: Angel Foundation is a Twin Cities-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide support to local adults with cancer and their families. A Microsoft .Net based software system was built to automate their Emergency Financial Assistance application processes. In the past the application process involved several manual steps, which caused delays in being able to help people with urgent financial needs. Using the new system, the application is now submitted online securely and instantly.

Organization: Angel Foundation

Industry: Non-profit

Challenge: The legacy Microsoft Access-based system presented many challenges such as lack of multiple-user concurrency, no Web-based user interface for external users and dependence on email to send and receive information.

Solution: The Microsoft Access-based screens were replaced with a Microsoft .Net and C# based custom software. The database, and the new web-based software is deployed in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. All the Microsoft Access screens were carefully reconstructed to work seamlessly in a web browser and thereby eliminating the dependency on a Microsoft Access installed on a PC. The Emergency Financial Assistance program provides financial support to adults in active treatment for cancer, living in or treated in the seven-county Twin Cities area. This program assists with non-medical basic needs such as groceries, gas, utilities and housing payments.

Conclusion: The new solution helps provide financial assistance