Perceptive Solutions Inc

Our Services

We are a team of software professionals, specializing in providing enterprise software solutions to mid and large-sized businesses. We have over 100+ clients in the upper Midwest region and have experience working with industries such as Manufacturing, Banking, Electronics, healthcare, Financing, E-Commerce, Legal, Housing, Restaurant, Technology, Agriculture, Construction, Trucking, Distribution, and Marketing to name a few

Data Analytics

Harness the power of data with our data analytics services. Our experts extract valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and creating new business opportunities. Transform your data into actionable insights with our advanced analytics techniques and cutting-edge tools. Gain valuable business intelligence from pattern analysis. Make sense of your data with our specialized data analytics services. Turn raw data into meaningful information, empowering informed decisions, process optimization, and business growth. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging data analytics. Identify trends, extract insights, and make strategic decisions with our services. Confidently make data-driven decisions with our team of data scientists and analysts. Unlock the full potential of your data for business success.

Technologies Used: We use industry-leading software tools for implementing BI solutions such as PowerBI, SSRS, and Tableau. Data modeling using Star Schema architecture and SQL Server Analysis Services. Data integration using Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Data Gateway, and SQL Server Integration Services. We can leverage hundreds of pre-built data connectors to pull data from your ERP, CRM, AR/AP, and other databases. We are highly skilled in SQL Programming, database design, and stored procedures. We have worked with a variety of databases such as Oracle, Postgres, SQL Server, MySQL, and MS Access to name a few

Custom Software

Our custom software development services cater to your unique business needs. Our experienced team creates streamlined and productive software solutions. Need a customized software solution for a specific business challenge? Our experts specialize in custom software development, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements. Say goodbye to generic solutions with our tailored software development services. We take the time to understand your business and provide a competitive edge in the market. Unlock your business’s full potential with our software development services, combining technical expertise and industry knowledge for growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf software—empower your business with custom software that aligns perfectly and accelerates your goals.

Technologies Used: Microsoft .Net, C#, SQL Server. PHP, MySQL, Linux. React, Angular,, Java, Python, RAD, Visual Studio, VS code, HTML, CSS, Eclipse, Azure DevOps, AWS, JIRA, Bootstrap, Node JS, Lotus Notes, HCL WebSphere, GitHub, Automation using Windows Services, Mobile device compatible software, Microsoft PowerApps, and PowerAutomate

Software Integration

Our software integration services enable seamless connectivity between your software systems. With our expertise, we analyze your requirements, design a robust integration architecture, and implement solutions that ensure smooth data flow and communication. By integrating disparate systems such as ERP, CRM, and HR systems, we eliminate data silos and enable real-time information exchange, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy. Our solutions also improve collaboration and data visibility across your organization, empowering teams to access and share data effectively for better decision-making and collaboration. Additionally, we achieve end-to-end automation, reducing manual intervention and increasing process efficiency. Our scalable integration solutions future-proof your software ecosystem, accommodating growth and changes in your technology landscape. We prioritize data integrity and security by implementing strong validation, encryption, and access control mechanisms, safeguarding your sensitive information and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Technologies Used: ERP integration with Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics 365, TMW Systems and JD Edwards, CRM integration with Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365, etc.

Microsoft 365

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365 with our comprehensive services. We provide implementation, migration, training, and support to optimize your productivity and cloud services. Enhance collaboration and productivity. Our experts configure Microsoft 365 according to your requirements, enabling seamless transitions and empowering efficient teamwork. Streamline business operations. From deployment to integration, we cover all aspects to leverage Microsoft’s cloud-based tools for streamlined workflows. Get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment. Our consultancy services assess your needs, develop customized strategies, and implement solutions that foster growth and innovation.

Technologies Used: SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate, Power Apps, Yammer, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Forms, Outlook, Cloud migration, etc.

Software Strategy Consultation

Gain a competitive edge with our software strategy consultation services. Our consultants collaborate closely with your team to understand your business objectives, identify technology opportunities, and develop a comprehensive software strategy aligned with your long-term goals.
Stay ahead of the curve with our software strategy consultation services. We assess your software landscape, evaluate emerging technologies, and provide recommendations that keep you agile and future-proof.
Develop a roadmap for software success with our strategic consulting. We help define your software goals, prioritize initiatives, and create a roadmap that outlines the necessary steps to achieve your vision, considering budget and resource constraints.
Let our consultants guide you through software planning and implementation complexities. Leveraging industry expertise and best practices, we create a customized strategy that optimizes your software ecosystem, minimizes risk, and drives innovation.